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Treating dark under-eye circles

Have you ever been irritated under your eyes by these dark circles? The dark circles that make you look tired, aged and sallow? If you were, then you would have wondered what prompted them to get rid of them. Darkness under the eye is caused by 2 internal and external causes and how about treating dark under-eye circles.


Darkness under eye circles induced by internal causes, including heredity and age, is granted and beyond our influence. According to medical evidence, the dark color of a bluish hue occurs as blood passes into the veins nearest to the skin surface. This coloration appears more visible in the skin around our eyes, the most delicate skin in the whole body.

This state, like the amount of thinness, softness, or clarity of a person’s peripheral skin, is a legacy. And as the skin is thinner and more translucent, the more apparent the blood vessels become, the darkness becomes more evident under the eye circles.

Age is the second inner factor that induces darkness in the eye circles, so it is said that it is more noticeable and permanent when a person is aged. The state of your skin also represents your age.

This is because, when you get older, the more collagen the skin loses, an essential protein in our connective tissues that affect the suppleness and youthfulness of your skin. As the collagen level of our skin decreases, the thinner and more transparent the skin, exposing this darkness under the eye circles.


These are environmental and are typically regulated by us. These are the products of the way we live and how we cope with all of the stresses and strains we face. The wellbeing of an individual includes almost the external influences. It is important for getting rid of dark under-eye circles.

Poor health definitely has a way to appear and darkness in the eye circles is one of them. Examples include fatigue, anemia, eczema and some drugs. Tiredness or fatigue and lack of sleep, as we know, will make the skin pale, make blood flow more apparent under the skin, thereby making the appearance of darkness under the eye cycles worse.

Anemia and any other iron deficiency disorders can cause dark circles. The dark circles are a true sign of the lack of oxygen in the tissues of the body.

Another contributor to darkness in the eye circles is eczema and other allergic conditions that cause eye itching and skin rubbing or scratching aggravates the issue.