top versus bottom eyes

What is the difference between applying eyeliner on top and bottom eyes

Many people already think they know how to apply eyeliner and they do a good job by all rights. Currently, the way you apply eyeliner varies significantly from the way that a professional maker does. Know the difference between applying eyeliner on top and bottom eyes andUse these easy steps like a professional make-up artist:

Choose your eyeliner

A lid must be applied at the bottom of the lid. Since different cosmetics, such as cake eyeliner, fluid liner and pencil eyeliner, are available in the market, it is important to try out each style so that you know which style will highlight your natural beauty. Practice the application with what style you want so you can achieve a really fine line. Know, when you apply an eyeliner in a really thick line it is not a pretty sight. It will look harsh and at the same time loud, leaving your eyes tired and heavy.

Use the eyeliner on top versus bottom eyes

— Start at your eye’s inner corner. Make sure to always use a light hand while applying your eyeliner because the region around the eyes is highly sensitive and fragile.

— Put your eyeliner only when the eye shadow has already been applied. Doing so before an application of an eye shadow would cover only the eyeliner.

— A colored kohl pencil may also be added to create a dramatic and intense appearance above and below the clods and accompanied by a very dark grey and black liquid eyeliner at the end. This gives the appearance of dark eye clots and stays on all day.

smoky pencil

— Look down as you keep your head in front of your mirror, making it easier to apply and monitor the liner. Smudge when necessary.

— When you line your eyes with a pencil under your lower labors, you look wider-instead try a dark eye shadow using a small brush to produce an appearance of deeper and fuller labia. Under this line a thin line with a lighter eye shade must also be added, preferably yellow, white, or beige in order to highlight the region of your eye.

— Pencil liners may be used both in the top and the lower liners.

— if you have lovely green eyes, consider putting a purple smoky pencil to enhance your eyes because they are opposed to each other by the color wheel, greenand violet.